Zoom Belly Dance Classes

Thursdays 6:30pm P.S.T.

Mei Tang
"Love this beautiful dancer she’s so great at what she does. Definitely a wonderful dance instructor whether if it’s your first time belly dancing or experienced, she is great with all levels and knows her craft well. Thank you Eliza!"

"Eliza is a wonderful teacher! I appreciate the time she spends giving a great stretch/warm-up at the beginning so I can really dance in an embodied way. She’s skilled at teaching multi-level classes- offering a little challenge to the intermediate dancers while breaking things down for beginners. Great music! And she always stays after to get to know her dance students and create community." 

Eliza Moon Belly Dancer


"I like how Eliza thoroughly breaks down the movements in detail So students fully understand what to do in their bodies to properly
get the movements . She drills enough times to get muscle memory built in. Her dance style is graceful and beyond inspiring. I love learning from this goddess!"

Book your very own Private Belly Dance Classes with Eliza Moon!

Have Eliza come teach at your next Event, Seminar, Workshop, Studio or even in the privacy of your own home. Local studio rental or at a park is also another option.

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Class Description: 

Classes start with a warm up through stretching with core strengthening and balancing exercises to help condition the body for optimal use for belly dance. This class gives you a strong foundation in understanding of basic belly dance technique, posturing, language and move execution.

Repetition leads to muscle memory! We will incorporate fun drills to help you embody the movement of the dance. This will allow you to build necessary strength and endurance. 

During the second half of class you'll be taught an easy to follow choreography to take home and practice. You'll leave the class feeling more open, inspired and confident. Purchase Class card 4 for $45 or drop in $15. Payments accepted via Venmo Eliza Bast Moon or Paypal elizamoondancer@gmail.com.  

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